Fee Structure

Fee Structure Session 2018 – 2019

The Fee Structure for the Session 2018 – 2019 is as follows:


Category Amount*
Admission Fee Rs. 28,000/-
Security Deposit Rs. 6,500/- (Refundable)
Annual Charges Rs. 4,500/-
Tuition Fee (Montessori Section: Junior, Senior, Advance) Rs. 8,300/-
Tuition Fee (Primary Section: Grades I – IV) Rs. 8,750/-
Tuition Fee (Secondary Section: Grades V– VII) Rs. 9,500/-
Tuition Fee (Pre-IGCSE, IGCSE Year1 & IGCSE Year2: Grades VIII-X) Rs. 12,750/-
Tuition Fee (Hifz Program) Rs. 6,900/-
Fee is subject to change without prior notification
Tuition Fee is payable on a monthly basis.
Siblings will get fee concession of up to 12.5% on monthly tuition fee only

Initial Fee Includes

First Fee Voucher: Admission Fee & Security Deposit

Second Fee Voucher: Monthly Tuition Fee, Annual Charges & stationery /books/ notebooks charges (as applicable)