Annual Sports Opening Ceremony

Annual Sports Opening Ceremony

A healthy body ensures a healthy mind and it is equally important to nurture both these components of a hale and hearty personality. Focusing on the physical fitness of our students, AIS Sports Week was launched in the mid of October this year with an intense wave of vitality all around.

F-8 Campus

Montessori Section F-8 Campus:

The Sports Week for Montessori Section (F-8 Campus) was inaugurated in a colourful and vibrant ceremony on 12th October, 2017. Different sports, planned for the upcoming week, were displayed and demonstrated by the Montessori students. Junior Montessori displayed their races including baby race, mummy race, daddy race and flat race. Senior Montessori exhibited the ball transfer game, cycling, back pack race and run around the cones race. Advance Montessori presented their games of spilling water, gorilla race etc. Marking a formal opening of the games, an ‘Oath-Taking’ took place for the students and staff to maintain integrity and discipline during the Annual Games.

Primary Section F-8 Campus:

On 17th October, 2017 a grand opening ceremony for Sports Week awaited the passionate sportsmen of our Primary Section (F-8 Campus). The enthusiasm had ignited when the students and staff were divided into four houses with four distinctive colours representing their titles i.e. Umer (Yellow), Ayesha (Red), Fatima (Blue) and Ali (Green). The ceremony started with a video Montage from last year’s Sports Week which was followed by an Oath was taken from all the students and staff to maintain discipline and integrity during throughout the sports week.
The Branch head officially announced the beginning of the Sports Week and boosted the morale of all the students while the Sports Teacher of Secondary Section joined the ceremony as the chief guest.

H-11 Campus

Montessori & Primary Section H-11 Campus:

Monday, 9th October marked one of the most exciting days for AIS students, as the much awaited Annual Sports Opening Ceremony was planned for the day. The Ceremony commenced with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. The students of Senior and Advance Montessori along with Grade 1 and 2 of the Primary section demonstrated their featured games of the coming week. All the students cheered their fellows while eagerly watching them demonstrate their particular games including racing, backpack race, hurdle race, shuttle race, sack race, rally race, spoon race, skipping, mat race, zig zag race, and cycling race.