Bake Sale For Cause | F-8 Campus

Bake Sale For Cause | F-8 Campus

Bake Sale for a Cause! (F-8 Campus)

Tables laid with boxes and dishes of delectables; cupcakes and donuts, pasta and desserts, pizza and spaghetti! Grade 4 students were all set for an exciting fundraiser Bake Sale on 27 th October 2016.

Before the sale started at 11 AM, some students along with their teachers arranged the items. They were eager to learn the skills of presenting food items, dealing with costumers, selling the goods, returning the change, counting and sorting money. Hence it was a wonderful way of engaging students in a productive activity which helped them enrich from the joys of volunteering as well. A similar bake sale was conducted by the Secondary Section earlier this term in September.

Bake sales are organized throughout the world for raising funds and charities for noble causes. The revenue generated through the AIS bake sale was sent for the construction of the school’s new building in sector H-11, Islamabad. May Allah (SWT) accept the efforts of all students and staff. Ameen.

If you would like to know more about the new campus project and how you can also put your share, please visit the link below: