Banana Shake Activity

Performing the kitchen corner activity is loads of fun and learning when done at AIS Montessori Section. First, the teachers discussed each of the ingredients (milk, banana and sugar), their source and uses. Then, the teachers demonstrated the steps of making the shake followed by the anxious students. Little hands carefully peeled and cut the bananas in small pieces on the chopping board, poured milk in the blender, added the sugar and small chunks of bananas. The use of blenders was done under the guidance of the teachers taking precautionary measures such as adjusting the lids properly, using dry hands to hold the blender etc. Pouring the shakes in glasses equally enhanced the mathematical ability to divide equally in tiny tots. Our students were encouraged to acknowledge and thank Allah subhana-wa-tallah for His uncountable blessings. They were enthusiastic and wanted to try the same again, but this time at home with their mums 🙂
This wonderful activity was performed at all levels of Montessori, tailored slightly according to the varying ages, in both the campuses in Nov, 2014.

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