Blooming Scientists of Grade I

Blooming Scientists of Grade I

Observing Stones & Surfaces:

Our blooming scientists of Grade I observed different stones to gain more understanding of the various types of surfaces Allah (SWT) has created for us to feel in the world we live in. They observed different floorings such as rubber flooring, grass flooring, marble flooring, wood flooring etc. Students thanked Allah (SWT) for creating such useful, diverse materials for us.

Things Under my Feet: Discovering Small animals:

Grade I students observed small animals like spiders, ants, snails, cockroaches, centipedes, earthworms, bees etc. Students were reminded to praise Allah (SWT) for His beautiful creation. Teachers told students that nothing that Allah(SWT) has created, no matter how tiny, is made without a purpose. Each and every tiny insect like bee has a purpose to be. The bee makes honey for us which is a cure for many diseases and a gift from Allah (SWT).Earthworms make holes in the soil so that air can reach the roots. The students were quite excited to investigate the creepy crawlies!

Rubbish & Pollution:

Students of Grade I visited a clean area and a dirty area and observed the difference between a clean and a dirty place. Teachers explained to them about rubbish, different kinds of waste materials i.e. manmade material and natural material. Students picked up the wrappers from the play area in order to clean the school. Students were told to keep the surrounding clean by not littering as cleanliness is part of our faith.