AIEx 2017-Resource Page

AlHuda Islamic Exhibition (AIEx)

is a wonderful blend of Islam and modern sciences, delivering the powerful message of ‘Islam is a modern religion since the beginning’.

Aspiring to recognizing the grandeur of Allah (SWT), AIEx 2017 is based on the theme

“Space- Beyond the Horizon”.

From the beginning of the universe to our place in space, and from space exploration to exploring the reality of the unseen heavens- AIEx 2017 is a journey from this earth to beyond the horizon.

This page has been specially designed to provide useful resources related to the upcoming AIEx.

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Lesson No. Topic Book Page Duration Listen
160 فقه خلق المخلوقات، خلق العرش والكرسي 


Fiqhu Khalqi al-Makhluqati, Khalqu al-‘Arshi Wa al-Kursiyyi






161 خلق السموات 

Khalqu al-Samawati

473-475 00:57:01
162 خلق السموات 

Khalqu al-Samawati

476-480 01:07:36
168 خلق الشمس والقمر 

Khalqu al-Shamsi Wa al-Qamari

495-498 01:03:27
169 خلق الشمس والقمر 

Khalqu al-Shamsi Wa al-Qamari

498-500 00:52:12
170 خلق النجوم 

Khalqu al-Nujumi

501-503 01:04:48
171 خلق اللیل و النهار 

Khalqu al-Laili Wa al-Nahari

504-507 00:57:43
182 خلق الرياح 

Khalqu al-Riyahi

543-546 01:17:45
183 خلق الرياح 

Khalqu al-Riyahi

546-549 01:00:37  
184 خلق النار 

Khalqu al-Nari

550-552 00:44:17  


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