AIEx 2017

AlHuda Islamic Exhibition (AIEx) is a signature event of AlHuda International School. The 4th AIEx held in Islamabad on 25th & 26th March 2017 was based on an exciting theme: Space- Beyond the Horizon.  The unique exhibition left the audience inspired through the wonderful amalgamation of knowledge of astronomy and space technology with Islamic teachings.

Space – Beyond the Horizon encompassed various dimensions of the universe with complexities of its incredible creation leaving no end open to doubts, and ultimately negating atheism. This theme aimed to encourage students to research and find facts about our universe thus leading to an even stronger affirmation toward Allah (SWT)s existence

Barakallahu feekum, teachers and students’ efforts were marvellous. Confidence of the students shows that in AIS they encourage all students to participate. Keep up the good work. – Saira Khalid

Wel done AIS, it was indeed an innovative and impressive show. –Junaid Khan
Student teacher collaboration and efforts were marvellous. I love the confidence which AIS students have, Ma sha Allah. – Umm E Zoraiz

The hard work of the teachers and students inspired me. It made me think of the wonders, greatness and beauty of Allah’s creations. – Amina Wajid
The hard work of the teachers and students was remarkable. The caption of the event was a food for thought in itself. Allah’s signs are scattered all around us and how easily we forget to ponder upon them. Such kind of events give us, as parents, a reminder of what exactly we need to focus on: ‘Exploring the signs of Allah (S.W.T) through science.’ – Maryam Tariq

The ayah عَلَّمَ الْإِنْسَانَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ remained in front of me throughout this two days’ event with a feeling of gratitude to Allah (S.W.T). The thing that inspires me the most is that I got this علم from very young kids of grade 2, they literally showed me stars in the day. بچوں نے تو مجھے دن میں تارے دکھا دئیے – Imran Syed
This AIEx was such a remarkable journey presented in a wonderful manner. Every project (and there were so many) was thoughtfully planned and superbly executed. The most inspiring thing for me today was to see how much the students were equipped with the knowledge of their projects, the deep passion they had for it and their level of confidence. –Sahar Naveed

An absolutely SPLENDID event, one of the BEST events I have attended so far. Hard work of teachers & students was remarkable, the wonderful ideas, confidence, dialogue delivery, understanding & modulation of students was wonderful. The most AMAZING thing was the connection of all the projects with the ‘Creator’, Allah (SWT). I am running short of words to express my feelings, all I can say is that this event was like a ray of light in darkness, I am very hopeful that these students will leave positive traces for coming generations. May Allah (S.W.T) bless the whole team with prosperity, success and happiness in this world & hereafter too Ameen. – Aisha Khan

The confidence of students reflecting commitment of teachers inspired me! It was truly awesome, hats off to the whole school. May Allah (S.W.T) always put barakah in this school, its teachers, students and staff. There was something magical about the whole event, each n every kid performing with excitement and such expertise, literally trying to make you understand. The hard work of the teachers was oozing out from everything including students’ words, actions and the stalls and props, very well done, we simply loved it all. – Em Jay

Each n everything was marvellous! From the teachers’ efforts, students’ confidence, the décor and the ideas behind them all.
Isra Mairaj project was awesome.
Project about the meteorites n stars was great.
Montessori kids presentation was amazing, hats off to their teachers.This exhibition left me in awe and literally moved me to tears, may Allah (S.W.T) make these kids Sadqa Jariya for the teachers and for us as well and give this Ummah leaders from them. – Ammara Asif

Alhamdulillah I had the honour of attending an extraordinary event; the Al-Huda Islamic Exhibition (AIEx), organised by Al-Huda International School (AIS) in Islamabad.
The event’s central theme was “Space: Beyond the horizon”, where students had merged knowledge of astronomy and space technology with classical Islamic traditions, as per the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (ﷺ). This made the exhibition truly a one-of-a-kind event that was both entertaining and educational.
Subhan’Allah, it was obvious to see that the extensive space related projects done by the students and teachers had been made possible only with a lot of hard work and effort. My deepest congratulations to all the students, the faculty and the management for pulling off yet another awesome AIEx this year!
To be honest, I have had the pleasure of attending previous AIEx exhibitions too, each time leaving the venues thoroughly impressed; but this year, I can say without doubt that the AIS team have out done themselves! Hands down.
I make dua that may Allah continue to bless the students of AIS, its teachers and its admin. And may He grant others too, the taufeeq to follow in their footsteps.
Only with this standard of education and moral/character development can our country truly prosper, I believe this with firm faith. These young students are our future, and the best grooming they can get is a solid grounding in the sciences as well as a deep & profound understanding of their own Islamic traditions.
May Allah bless our country and the entire Muslim ummah with great personalities who can take us towards prosperity in both dunya & akhirah. Ameen! – Raja Zia ul Haq

“​Lord of the heavens and the earth and that between them​…”​

(Surah Ad-Dukhan: 7)