Annual Day 2016


AlHuda International School’s 4th Annual Day was yet another incredible venture with a formidable message; to show the world the true Islam, its beauty and let it be our guiding light in this complex age of advancements.

The event took place at Pak-China Friendship Center on 20 th April 2016. Alhamdulillah a resounding success all around! The theme ’♯IslamInspiresMe’ truly struck hearts with inspiration and touched some emotional cords for the audience as they intently watched the immensely colorful and well-executed performances. It became clear that they were overwhelmed with sentiments of happiness, gratitude and love for Allah (swt). Some burst into tears while others were completely spellbound by the well-thought skits and nasheeds performed by students of AIS. The event was conducted in three shows in just one day and was unique in that every student of the school participated on stage before a huge audience of around 800(in each session), fulfilling the purpose of embedding competence within the children, preparing them to contribute to the world and its civilization.

Complimenting each show were powerful sub-themes such as♯WhoDoIBelieve, ♯BeLikeMuhammad(SAW), ♯FunInIslam, ♯EmpoweringMuslimah and ♯IslamWillRise all tied together and beautifully combined in all three languages taught at the school; English, Urdu and Arabic. Student performances were a commendable effort to leave the audience inspired, charged with Iman and a mindset to make positive change in the world by becoming an inspiration for others. The captivating SMD screen, fabulous props, lights and the overall ambiance also enhanced the show.

Here’s our Story of Inspiration

Morning Session

In the morning show Chief Guest Baleegh-ur- Rahman (State Minister for Education), said that he is pleased to know that AIS is earnestly devoted to setting new standards in education that will produce students of knowledge and virtue, whose hearts are filled with love and trust in Allah and who are skilled verbally, mentally and socially blessed with visionary leadership. He also acknowledged the highly dedicated team behind the event whose efforts were reflected through this program.

Afternoon Session

Teachers and staff of AIS were absolutely humbled and pleased with every single student of AIS. Each performance was remarkable and each child a star. All our duas and best wishes are with our students who will undoubtedly be in the forefront of positive change in the near future In Shaa Allah.

Evening Session

In the evening show Imran Khan appreciated AIS and said that a school is a mirror of its students’ personality wherein the education imparted within it constitutes students’ inner beauty which was apparent in the performances. He also congratulated all the teachers and the management who put in a lot of effort in the grooming of their students. He gave them best wishes to build up stronger Pakistan as a strong hold of the Muslim Ummah.

Annual Day 2016 in the Press

Alhamdulillah the amazing event was covered by variety of electronic & print media. Please check out this coverage in the AIS in different news.


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Annual Day 2016 in the Media