Qiraat Competition 2012


Qira’at Competition 2012 at AlHuda International School

Quran for All; In every hand, In every heart

The mission of AlHuda International School is to integrate academic excellence and Quranic knowledge in the best possible manner in order to raise responsible practicing Muslims. Taking another leap towards achieving its mission, AIS organized annual Qira’at competition on Tuesday, 18th December 2012, in order to enhance the love of Allah (SWT) and Quran in children and to inculcate in them a desire and habit to read Quran in the manner taught by the Prophet saw .

Prior to the Grand Finale, different rounds of qira’at competitions were conducted amongst the students of all grades, including both Montessori and Junior sections. Students had been coached by their teachers at school and reinforced by parents at home for improving their Qira’at skills of the selected surahs. Special emphasis is on reciting with the correct makharij, abiding by the rules of tajweed, avoiding mistakes in recitation and reciting with confidence. Click the 3rd tab above, for important Tajweed Tips

3 best students from each section were selected for the semi-final competition held on 10th December 2012. Top 5 students in each group went on to participate in the Grand Finale held at the Al-Huda Masjid on Tuesday, 18th December 2012.

The venue was beautifully decorated and appropriately portioned to cater mothers and fathers of the students separately  LCD screens were placed in the mothers/students enclosure so that they could enjoy the entire program. The immaculate organization by the school on the grand event and a very special tranquility in the environment was overwhelming.

By 9:35 am, young AIS students were seated in the designated rows, excitedly waiting to hear the young lovers of Allah (SWT), reciting His words. Each class was accompanied by their teacher and the discipline was commendable. As the parents started to arrive, they were guided politely by the young ushers of grades IV and V. The chief guest- Qari Abdus Salam Azizi, Imam Masjid Qadsia Lahore and Director Maahad AlQuraan AlKareem Lahore, arrived. Accompanying him were very special judges including Qari Muhammad Ikhlaq Madani  (Senior Imam Faisal Masjid) who acted as the chief judge on the occasionQari Abdur Rehman Hamid (Imam Masjid Bukhari G-8)and Qari Shafeeq ur Rehman  (a renowned master trainer of hifz teachers).

The program began with recitation of the Holy Quran by Abdur Rehman Hamid followed by introduction of AIS and details of Qira’at competition given by Qari AbdulRazzaq, faculty member of AIS.

25 finalists were divided into 5 groups for the competition.


It was a beautiful experience to see and hear small children reciting verses from the Quran with such respect, enthusiasm and perfection masha’Allah. The participants were clad in specially designed  robes and scarves. While the results were being compiled, the respectable chief guest; Qari Abdus Salam Azizi recited beautiful verses from the Holy Quran which touched hearts and filled eyes with tears. At the occasion, Dr. Idress Zubair also talked about the importance of tajweed.  Qari Razzaq also spoke about the need of reciting Quran with tajweed as ordained by Allah (SWT) and Prophet saw.

The results were announced by the chief judge; Qari Muhammad Ikhlaq Madani. Click the 2nd tab above for the list of winners.

Following the announcement of the results, shields were awarded to the winners by the chief guest Qari Abdul Salam Azizi. Dr. Idrees Zubair  and Atif Iqbal, Director presented shields to the guests of honor.

Director AIS addressed the audience, in which he thanked all the guests, parents and the students for helping to make it a successful and memorable event. The program concluded with a dua by Qari Ikhlaq Madani.  The overwhelming emotions of satisfaction and Tashakur were evident from the faces of parents who appreciated AIS for arranging such as remarkable reverent event Allhamdulliah!

May Allah (SWT) accept all the efforts made by the entire AIS team and make this event a source of inspiration for everyone. Ameen

Click here to view the pictures of AIS Qira’at Competition 2012-Grand Finale!


List of Winners ::

Winners of the Qira’at Competition 2012 Grand Finale

Group 1

  1. Temiya Hafeez     Casa G
  2. Zainab Abbasi       Casa F
  3. Abdur Rehman      Casa G


Group 2

  1. Abeeha Ikram      Casa L
  2. Asim Abu Bakar    Casa J
  3. Abdullah Sajid     Casa J


Group 3

  1. Filza Iman              II A
  2. Zainab Cheema     I B
  3. Daniya Tariq         II B


Group 4

  1. Amina Sherani     V G
  2. Hiba Yasir            V G
  3. Afia Homair          III


Group 5

  1. Bilal Mehmood    V B
  2. Abdullah Amir       III
  3. Musa Haroon       IV B


Tajweed Tips ::

Qiraat Competition

The word “Tajweed” means to improve or make better.

Tajweed of the Holy Qur’an refers to the recitation of the Quran while following all the rules and regulations of recitation so that the reading of the Qur’an resembles its recitation by Prophet Mohammed saw.

It is important to know and apply tajweed because:

  • Allah (swt) has commanded us

“and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation” [Surat Al-Muzzammil 73:4]

In the above ayah, Allah uses the word “Tarteela”, it means to recite the Qur’an:



In a basic rhythm

  • The Prophet saw used to recite the Qur’an in a slow, measured, rhythmic tone, stopping at the end of each aayah and he(SAW) also instructed us to:

“Beautify the Qur’an with your voices [for a fine voice increases the Qur’an in beauty]” [Bukhaari]

and he (SAW) further said;

“He who does not recite the Qur’an in a pleasant tone is not of us.” [Abu Dawud]

  • Due to seemingly minor mistakes in pronunciation of a letter, meanings of entire verses can change. For example, the Quranic word “Qalb” means heart whereas if it is read “Kalb”, it means dog.  The difference in meaning in this example is there because of the difference in makhraj (point of articulation).
  • The Quranic melody is enhanced when recited with tajweed. Recitation of the Quran is therefore most effective on hearts and souls when tajweed rules are applied.
  • Since the Quran is from Allah, our Lord, and Our Creator, it is the best Speech, and deserves the Best Recitation. So let us take out some time to invest in learning the art of Tajweed.

Tips to Improve Tajweed:

  • Listening is the key to improving tajweed! Listen to different qaaris such as Qari Shuraim, Qari Sudais, Qari Huzaifi, Qari Basfar and Qari Shaatri.
  • Listen to recitation using mediums that are commonly available for you such as laptops, ipods, mp3  players, television, cd players etc.
  • Some excellent tajweed resources may be found at the link below:


  • Revisit the “noorani qaida”, first “thakhti” (lesson), preferably with a Tajweed teacher
  • Bring the rules that you learn in practice by reciting  to your parents or spouse, or during recitation in namaz

Lastly, if you ever find it difficult to read with tajweed, do not become disheartened. Know that there is reward for every letter that you read of the Holy Quran for this is no ordinary Book, and the rewards are not ordinary either!