Chapati Making by Montessori Section

Chapati Making by Montessori Section

This October was real fun for Montessori students when they made small chapattis with their tiny hands by using dough and rolling pins!

This activity was planned in relation to the Islamic Studies lesson ‘Allah: Al Razzaq – the Provider’. During this lesson students learnt the meaning of Al Razzaq. When the students practically got involved the chapatti making activity, they understood better the steps through which bread/ chapatti reaches us.

First, the teachers conducted practical demonstration. Then it was the students turn. Each student was provided flour to make small balls and then used rolling pins to make small chapattis. The cooking part was taken care of by the adult supervisors

Students were delighted to show their cooked chapattis to their teachers and explained the entire process of how we get wheat grains and then grains are crushed into flour and at the last how flour is converted into dough to make chapattis.

This activity helped children realize the everyday blessings of Allah (swt) and the importance of being grateful to Allah (swt).