First Hafiz of AIS Hifz Program

First Hafiz of AIS Hifz Program

Alhamdulillah on Saturday 1st February 2014, we had takmeel-e-hifz of our first hafiz from the AIS Hifz Program. Ibrahim Khan (11 years) had his takmeel 9 months and 20 days after his enrollment into the program in April 2013.

If we exclude the holidays, Mashaa Allah Ibrahim managed to complete his hifz in just 6 months and 12 days; an inspiration for all of us at AIS and especially his Hifz class fellows.

According to his teacher, Qari Hammad, Ibrahim has three main qualities that helped him achieve this wonderful treasure in such a short span of time:

Consistency, Eagerness and Hard work!

These, along with the teacher’s dedication, and parents’ positive role in helping him revise his lessons daily at home and providing him with a conducive environment for doing so, helped him achieve his goal in a very short time.

 The Hifz program at AIS focuses on students’ memorization of the Holy Qur’an in a safe and positive learning environment. Alongside the hifz, attention is also given to other essential areas of development for which the following classes are conducted on a regular basis: Library, Computer lab, Tarbiyyah, Sports and Communication development.

May Allah (swt) make all our huffaz a great sadqai jariya for their parents, teachers and facilitators. Ameen.