FSD: Teaching Kids How to Make Sandwiches

Teaching Kids How to Make Sandwiches

Feeding and nourishing young children with healthy and nutritious food is a daunting task for all parents. AIS offers a helping hand in this venture and provides guidelines as well as engage its students in healthy food making activities. Recently, our students enjoyed making sandwiches as part of their Kitchen Corner Activity. The little chefs brought bread and other ingredients including eggs and vegetables from home and followed their teacher’s guidance and instructions. They helped their teacher in washing the salad leaves and cucumbers and mixed the ingredients such as boiled eggs, salt and pepper in mayonnaise to prepare the batter. They enjoyed spreading it on the slices and were confident that they can teach their mothers too. The teachers made special efforts for integrating the activity with Islamic ethics and teaching the students about the nutritious value of sandwiches; encouraging them to bring healthy homemade lunch and teaching them the art of food presentation as well as etiquettes of serving.