Montessori Activity: Layers of the Earth

Montessori Activity: Layers of the Earth

F-8 Campus

In November 2015, Advance Montessori carried out an interesting activity “Layers of the Earth” as a part of the ‘Culture’ subject. Ma sha Allah the students enjoyed this activity a lot.

The teachers first gave a demonstration to students about layers of earth. After a basic understanding, the teachers then explained to the students how to make layers of the earth model using colorful play dough. First she took red play dough and rolled into a small ball representing inner core. Next she wrapped it with an orange layer representing outer core. Then she made mantel with yellow play dough and brown for crust. On the top she put blue and green play dough to represent the land and water. This was the ball of Earth model. Lastly, the teachers cut the model in half so students could see the dissected model of the layers of the earth.

Concept Board was also prepared for the reinforcement of the layers of the earth in which all the layers were neatly made and displayed on the board with prominent labels. Students enjoyed the activities a lot which helped them learn the names of the layers of earth quickly.

H-11 Campus

This November, students of Senior Montessori of H-11 campus learnt about ‘layers of earth’ in their culture lesson. They were excited to learn about structure and composition of our wonderful earth. Teachers explained the different layers through a model of earth made of play dough and the concept was further clarified through an interesting and informative video on layers of earth. Children wanted to know more and asked some interesting questions.

Students then had hands on learning activity which they really enjoyed. Children took joy in cutting of different sized and coloured circles and then pasted them to depict the different layers of earth. They then labeled each layer with the help of their teachers. At the end, students looked at their work with ecstasy.

Through this lesson teachers also made the students understand that everything inside and outside the earth’s surface which we can see and that which’s screened from us, is all made by Allah (SWT) and is truly His blessings for us.