Montessori Art and Craft Contest 2016

Montessori Art and Craft Contest 2016

Montessori Art & Craft Contest

Research shows that parent involvement can improve children’s behavior, attendance and achievement. Montessori Art & Craft Competition was held on January 20, 2016. The mothers of our eager students were invited to join and help their children in creating an art piece with recycled material on their respective themes. The theme this year was “Creations of Allah” with sub-themes including;

Exploring the Jungle for Junior Montessori, Wonders of Sea Life for Senior Montessori and Plant World for Advance Montessori

Enthusiastic mothers came well prepared with various kinds of recycled material and assisted their children in making beautiful pencil holders, picture frames, toy boxes, wall hangings, life like jungles, sea aquariums, and many plant holders reflecting their relevant themes. All the children enjoyed and the mothers appreciated the quality bonding time with their children through this wonderfully planned activity.


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