Montessori Students Visit to the Lake View Park

Montessori Students Visit to the Lake View Park

March has been such an exciting month for our young students! Montessori students of AIS went to the Lake View Park for their annual trip; F-10 campus students went on 25th March 2015 while F-8 campus students went on 26th March 2015.

Following the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w), the students performed nawafil before traveling. It was such a lovely sight that anyone who got a chance to glance at them, couldn’t help looking and praying for these little souls to become a great sadaqa jariyah for their teachers and parents.

Eager to take a ride on coasters along with their fellows and teachers, the students happily boarded the coasters and recited duas, takbeerat and nasheeds on their way to the park. Upon reaching the venue, our students displayed discipline, walking in lines, greeting people with salaam and smile. In the kids play area, children had a go at the swings, slides, monkey bars, see-saws in the fun company of their teachers.

The teachers made sure that the students washed their hands before lunch. After taking the rides, children were all looking forward to their yummy lunches. Energized soon after, students helped their teachers in winding up and clearing the lunch area as well as picking up the wrappers and ensuring that their presence has not disturbed the harmony of the place.

Next, the children visited the brilliant Bird Aviary at the Lake View Park. They observed nature closely and enjoyed diverse, beautiful birds and their habitats in a free environment. They saw parrots, swans, pigeons, daffodils, macaws, ostrich, peacocks, doves, turkeys, water fowls, geese, ducks, flamingos, cranes, pelicans and golden, white, green & silver pheasants. To our delight, our students were naming some of the birds in Arabic too! They enjoyed the birds chirping and flying here and there. As the students observed closely the wonderful and colourful creation of Allah Subhana wa ttallah, the teachers briefed their respective CASAs about different birds.

We came back to the school in the same organized manner. By the grace of Allah (swt) the trip was pretty successful Alhamdulillah.

The following day, teachers discussed about the trip in their classes and heard the excited students’ stories. Junior and Senior Montessori students coloured in worksheets of birds, Advance Montessori and grade 1* students did creative writing and shared their experiences with their class fellows.

* F-10 campus