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  • Although the school is from Montessori to Grade IX, due to space shortage, admissions will open for Junior Montessori only for academic session 2016 – 2017. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Registrations will be open for both boys and girls (Boys and girls have separate classes from grade IV onwards).


  • Admissions will open for Junior Montessori and Senior Montessori only for academic session 2016 – 2017. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Registrations will be open for both boys and girls.
  • There will not be any open house, however an orientation session will be planned before session begins

Grades & Ages

The following table indicates the general ages (at the beginning of the Academic Year) of students grade-wise. However, please note that your child will be placed in a grade that suits his/her age and academic ability and hence your child may or may not fall in the age range specified below.

Grade Age (years)
Junior Montessori 2y 8m – 3y 4m
Senior Montessori 3y 8m – 4y 4m
Advanced Montessori 4y 8m – 5y 4m
Grade I 5y 8m – 6y 4m
Grade II 6y 8m – 7y 4m
Grade III 7y 8m – 8y 4m
Grade Age (years)
Grade IV 8y 8m – 9y 4m
Grade V 9y 8m – 10y 4m
Grade VI 10y 8m – 11y 4m
Grade VII 11y 8m – 12y 4m
Grade VIII 12y 8m – 13y 4m
Grade IX 13y 8m – 14y 4m

Dates to Mark

Open House (for Islamabad only)

14th May 2016


29th April– 5th May 2016

Test & Interview

6th May– 10th May 2016

Announcement of Selected Candidates

12th May 2016

Classes Begin

3rd week of August 2016

Registration Details

Registration for Academic Session 2016 –2017 begins
Friday, 29th April 2016
Last date for Submission of Registration Form Thursday, 5th May 2016
Registration Fee Rs. 500

Registration Steps

Admission Test & Interview

  • The School will intimate parents of the appointed day and time of test and interview of candidates and their parents respectively through email after the submission of form.
  • This will be taken on skype.
  • An assessment will be conducted of the candidate’s academics and behaviour skills.
  • For admission to Grade I onwards admission tests of Urdu, English and Math will be carried out whereas for admission to Grade IV onwards, an additional test of Science will also be conducted.

Note: Family’s inappropriate behavior, child’s excessive watching of TV and absence of Islamic environment at home may lead to failure in getting admission

Selection & Admission

  • The School’s admission selection committee undergoes a fair and thorough screening process considering each application holistically.
  • The School looks for students that have a strong academic background, are well-versed in English, possess good behaviour and belong to a supportive family who desire to have an Islamic upbringing for their child.
  • School’s decision will be considered final. In case of failure of any child to get admission, AIS expects the parents to understand that while the school would love to take most applicants, it has limited seats.
  • Successful candidates list will be uploaded on the website.
  • Parents of successful candidates will be requested to collect a Welcome Pack from the School Reception
  • Timely fee submission will ensure a candidate’s seat in class.
  • Classes begin in the 3rdweek of August insha’Allah.

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