Spellathon 2013

Spellathon 2013

Spellathin - AIS

Junior Section holds Spellathon Competition 2013

Junior Section of AlHuda International School held the third and final round of its 2nd Annual Spellathon Competition on Thursday, 30th May 2013 in the main hall of the campus. The objective of the Spellathon competition was to inculcate in the students the skill and the desire to spell words, even the challenging ones, with precision and confidence. Well done to all the participants and congratulations to the winners for their hard work and passion to learn new words and their spellings. May Allah bless our students’ knowledge.

The first round of the Spellathon was conducted on the 16th of May, amongst all the students of the Junior Section, in their respective classrooms through which eight students from each section advanced to the second round.

In the second round, which was once again conducted in the classrooms on the 24th May, four finalists from each section were selected for the final round.

The final round was conducted between the thirty seven finalists, whereas,   the bonus round was conducted between the winners of grades IV and V only.

The jury panel for the final round included ‘Pronouncer’, ‘Time-Keeper’, ‘Score Keeper’ and ‘Judge’.

As the program unfolded, the confidence of the students amazed the audience. All the participants were, according to their grade level, well prepared with remarkable vocabulary and spelled word after word with much enthusiasm, despite some of them being quite challenging.

After the first spell, grades II and III had an interesting but very tough tiebreaker session by which the final positions were cleared.

A Bonus Round was held between the winners from grades IV and V which also turned out to be very exciting as the students were asked many words from the open vocabulary (these were the words that the students had not been given for preparation). All the participants spelled the words very self-assuredly and enthusiastically. After a very tough contest, Malaika Badar from grade IV G emerged as the ‘Best Speller’ and Amna Sherani from V G ranked as the ‘Second Best Speller’ of the 2nd AIS Annual Spellathon 2013.  We extend our warm congratulations to all the winners and their parents. We are thankful to Allah  for blessing our students with remarkable success and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our students as well as  our  teachers. Results of the final round are:

golden stars



Name    Position
Malaika Badar– IV G 1st
Amna Sherani – V G 2nd

golden stars



Rameen Shehryaar–  I A 1st
Maria Zaheer–  I B 1st
Riphah Fatima– I B 1st


Anas Haleem– II B 1st
Saad Salman– II B 1st
Umaima Hashmi– II B 2nd
Musa Iqbal– II B 2nd


Arwa Choudry– III 1st
Aafia Humair– III 1st
Laraib Fatima– III 2nd


Malaika Badar– IV G 1st
Sardar Hayyan–  IV B 1st


Amna Sherani– V G 1st
Maryam Zaheer–  V G 1st

Alhamdulillah, these series of sessions proved to be very fruitful as all the students had the opportunity to learn many new words during its preparation as well as on the final day. The excitement and energy was palpable in the very atmosphere as students were motivated time and again to ‘read’ and work to further improve themselves as spellers.

Insha’Allah we plan to take our students to the international ‘Spelling Bee’ competition in the coming session of 2013-2014.