I look forward to AIS bringing about a change and starting a chain reaction in the education system of the country.
Aqeel Israr

It is very hard to find a unique school like this with Islamic and general education taught in a very interesting manner. May Allah make it successful.
Hannah Arif, Volunteer

MashAllah! I am very impressed with this school. This is the best Montessori school I have ever seen. All my duas for its growth and multiplication into a global school system!!
Imtiaz Rastgar, Grandfather

I am very happy to be in AlHuda International School. I love the library as there are so many books to read.
Maryam Faisal Cheema, Student

I thank Allah that I’m studying in AlHuda International School. I like all the teachers because they are very good and they all wear gown and scarf!
Laiba Ahmed, Student

Lovely to see young children learning about Islam in a loving and colourful atmosphere. May Allah make them model Muslims. Ameen.
Hajra Qutab, Visitor (UK)

MashaAllah & Alhamdulillah, my children are learning new things everyday. I can feel and see improvement both in the school and the children. Keep going!!
Sara Farooq, Mother

AlHuda Int’l School proves that it excels in education, discipline and excellent management.
Asma Fahad Mughal, Mother